A selection of cheese with Jam and a glass of Vin Santo
Slice of toasted bread with ricotta and figs jam
Slice of toasted bread with tomatoes and lardo
Slice of toasted bread with Porcini mushrooms
Greek Salad (green salad, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, onion, cucumber)
Bruschetta with Lardo di Colonnata served with a Variety of Cheeses and a choice of Jams
Bufala mozzarella, Cherry tomatoes, dressing sauce and olive oil
Bruschetta with Truffle served with Pecorino cheese and a choice of Jams
“Le Vecchie Cantine” Slices of Ham and Salami, variety of cheeses, crispy bread with home made sauce
Pata Negra special starter (lardo, ham, variety of cheeses)
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan Cheese (with truffle on request, € 6,00 surcharge)
Melon and ham


Home made pasta with mozzarella topped with chopped pistachios and truffles
Tuscan soup (mixed vegetable soup with Tuscan bread)
Onion soup
Pici pasta with cheese and lardo of cinta senese
Risotto with asparagus and scamorza cheese
Home made pasta with wild boar sauce
Home made pasta Dumplings stuffed with cheese and pear served with picante sauce, almonds, sage and chili pepper
Tagliatelle pasta with sauce of cinta senese pork and mushrooms
Spaghetti chitarra with mushrooms sauce
Spaghetti “Martelli” with fresh tomatoes and pine nuts
Home made pasta with truffle
Home made pasta with tomatoes, aubergines and pecorino cheese


Hemp linguine with cherry tomatoes, courgettes and shrimps


Mixed Salad with cheese and walnut
Roastbeef with tomatoes, fresh onion and mustard
Duck Breast with Balsamic vinegar (mushrooms and truffle on request, € 7,00 surcharge)
Beef Tartare (with Truffle € 7,00 surcharge)
Grilled fillet (with Truffle or mushrooms € 7,00 surcharge)
Grilled Fiorentina steak (with Truffle or mushrooms € 7,00 surcharge)
Cinta Senese grilled fillet with radicchio and pine nuts
Grilled lamb Cutlet
Quail eggs with truffle
Wild boar with tomato and vegetable sauce
Roasted pig in oven
Casserole chicken with peppers and turmeric


Stock fish cooked in a tomato and mixed herbs sauce
Fresh tunny and sesame


Roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary
Tuscan beans
Chips or fried mixed vegetables
Small onions in white wine with garlic and pepper sauce
Green salad or mixed salad


Chocolate cake with hot heart
Home made panna cotta drizzled with chocolate or fresh strawberries Home made panna cotta drizzled with chocolate or fresh strawberries
Pine nut ice cream drizzled with chocolate
Cassatina Tuscan cream and ricotta with pine nuts and sanded pistachios by Pasticceria Ferretti
Home made tiramisù
Apples cake with vanilla ice cream
Crème brulée
Flambè vaniglia or chocolate ice cream
Lemon sorbet
Greek yogurt with forest honey and almonds
Soft cheese mousse with chocolate and “cantuccini”
“Cantuccini” with Vin Santo
Cocoloates Amedei and Rhom
Pistachio nuts ice cream with strawberry sauce
Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and chocolate

The waiters will illustrate the available.

* The price of truffles and mushrooms can vary according to the seasons.

**The dishes may contain ingredients that are frozen

We remind all our customers that they will have to wait for our reserve confirmation email.